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Brand Partner Profile: Reda

When we partner with brands and supply chains, we partner with those that share a deep philosophical alignment to us around relationships, trust, integrity, sustainability, and about doing what is right not only for consumers but also for our growers, and the planet as well.

This philosophical alignment holds very true for our relationship with Reda and we are incredibly proud to call Reda a brand partner.

Our relationship is built on trust, integrity and the ability to have really robust conversations that are fundamentally about driving better outcomes for the planet, for our growers & livestock, for the community and the brand we supply. Reda have been a ZQ partner since day one in 2007 and are now one of the key foundational partners of the ZQRX regenerative wool platform.

Founded in 1865 Reda Group is the leading manufacturer of sustainable pure merino wool fabrics. Reda has grown from a small mill that supplied local tailors to a leading industrial wool production house that exports over the world. In 1919 the Botto Poala brothers took over the company and brought with them their expert weaving experience that has been passed down through generations.

Over the years we have developed a long-term contract model, which is a benefit of working under the ZQ banner. Reda growers are contracted to supply at sustainable prices, and we then work with Reda to support their sale of textiles into consumer brands. We support each other through research and development along with consumer insights perspectives.

Reda also own farms in New Zealand that we are closely involved with. Their three stations, Glenrock, Rugged Ridges and Otamatapaio are set over 30,000 hectares. Being involved from fleece to finished products provides a unique perspective of the entire production chain, resulting in the highest levels of excellence, a symbol of Reda’s character with all its fabrics.

In 2011 Reda launched Rewoolution, their first activewear line made with ZQ wool.

Rewoolution revolutionised technical sport

and leisure clothing by creating pieces to face every challenge with style and functionality. Reda has an intrinsic respect for the environment and the garments are made in Italy with every step of the manufacturing process optimised for sustainability.

Attention to natural resources and respect for the environment are the pillars of Reda. Since 2004 Reda has been using a technologically advanced wastewater plant that has optimised the consumption of water / kg of wool ratio, cutting their water use by half. For the last 20 years they have been adapting their production processes for high-end fashion to make it more sustainable. They manage their entire production chain in various sustainable ways such as using solar energy to work towards the goal of having zero reliance on fossil fuels.

Reda is the only Eco-Management and Audit Schemes (EMAS) certified vertical textile mill in Europe. The main objective of EMAS is to contribute to the creation of a sustainability economy. CEO of Reda Ercole Botto Poala adding that “EMAS guarantees that all our efforts are dedicated to training, upgrading our equipment and minimising consumption and waste of natural recourses. The goal to strive for has a name: Impact Zero”. Reda was also the first textile company in Italy and one of the first in the world to receive a B Corp certification, a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Our businesses share similar DNA into what makes us unique and that is the people (the relationships & partnerships we have), the quality, the trust, the innovation and a continual striving to do what is right for the planet and its people.

For more information, visit the Reda website, or follow them on Linkedin.


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