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Regenerate your world, one ethical fibre at a time.

ZQRX Logo White 2023.png

ZQRX takes a big picture view of the global challenges we all face and contributes to solving them by accelerating small, collective, regenerative-driven actions.

ZQRX (The ZQ Regenerative Index) is a new collaborative action platform from The New Zealand Merino Company for people, businesses and organisations that adapt, take action, never stop learning and keep going until they get it right. 

ZQRX wool growers:

These are the ZQRX wool growers who are interacting with the natural world on your behalf each day at the grassroots level i.e. restoring waterways, protecting native species, offsetting carbon, and enhancing local communities.

ZQRX brands:

These are our world-leading brand partners who are championing and celebrating growers’ efforts with end-users on a daily basis.

ZQ Fibre:

Established in 2007, ZQ is a marque of integrity for New Zealand merino growers committed to ethical wool production. ZQ growers meet ZQ fibre quality, animal welfare, care for the environment and social responsibility standards.

Looking to join the ZQRX programme?



There’s now a tool that growers and brands can turn to measure this impact easily, and then act on it.


ZQRX with its partners is the first to implement digital technology to help visualize the required steps within the context of a 3D digital world.

Why regenerative agriculture? 


Every day, your customers demand better

More and more of them make purchase decisions based on their personal values - and they are willing to pay more for products that align.


Research shows consumers now expect brands to take action on global issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.


ZQRX was developed to meet ever-growing consumer demand. ZQRX is a regenerative agriculture index that helps farmers work with nature to continuously improve human, animal and environmental outcomes.


ZQ is the world’s leading ethical wool - setting the highest standards for fibre quality, animal welfare as well as environment and social responsibility since 2006. RX is shorthand for the Regenerative Index. We like to think of it as a measure beyond sustainability, where the aim is continuous improvement - not a minimum standard. RX is never ‘done’, and many of the positive RX outcomes will be intergenerational.


Our bold goal is to eliminate the effects of critical global issues such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity through the use of regenerative practices.

We apply ZQRX to our wool growers and their farming systems, challenging them to go beyond sustainability by deeply understanding the complex interactions between their livestock, soils, climate, ecology and community. We work with them to apply strategies to continually improve their performance against key indicators.


For growers, ZQRX is a journey of improvement, accurate measurements and shared wisdom.

ZQRX outcomes are designed to be enjoyed by future generations and reflect the circumstances, natural capital and resources available to each individual grower.  

How does ZQRX work?

Want to source wool fibre?

The secret to producing the world’s best wool.

Looking after soil and animals is the secret to producing top quality wool.

With ZQRX, every single fleece shorn is inspected for fibre length, strength and diameter.

This means we can supply brands with exactly the right wool for their products. It all fits into our philosophy of giving more than you take.

Dave Maslen, GM Markets & Sustainability, The New Zealand Merino Company.

Kate Explains ZQ and ZQRX

ZQRX wool growers not only produce the highest quality, most ethical wool in the world, they also work to give more than they take from the natural world, the animals living in that world, and the human communities interacting with it.


Growers use a new platform called the Regenerative Index (RX) to help them measure and improve how much they give back as they restore waterways, protect native species, offset carbon, and enhance local communities.


ZQRX wool is essentially a recipe for how we might produce and consume things in the future where products will not only change our lives for the better, they will change our entire world for the better by giving a little more than they take.

Kate Cocks, ZQRX Grower from Mt Nicholas Station, Lake Wakatipu.

Looking to join the ZQRX programme?

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