ZQRX: Our regenerative wool fibre platform

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ZQRX takes a big picture view of the global challenges we all face and contributes to solving them by accelerating small, collective, regenerative-driven actions.

ZQRX (The ZQ Regenerative Index) is a new collaborative action platform for people, businesses and organisations that adapt, take action, never stop learning and keep going until they get it right. 

ZQRX wool growers:

These are the ZQRX wool growers who are interacting with the natural world on your behalf each day at the grassroots level i.e. restoring waterways, protecting native species, offsetting carbon, and enhancing local communities.

ZQRX brands:

These are our world-leading brand partners who are championing and celebrating growers’ efforts with end-users on a daily basis.

ZQ Fibre:

Established in 2006, ZQ is a marque of integrity forNew Zealand merino growers committed to ethical wool production. ZQ growers meet ZQ fibre quality, animal welfare, care for the environment and social responsibility standards.

We apply ZQRX to our wool growers and their farming systems, challenging them to go beyond sustainability by deeply understanding the complex interactions between their livestock, soils, climate, ecology and community. We work with them to apply strategies to continually improve their performance against key indicators.


For growers, ZQRX is a journey of improvement, accurate measurements and shared wisdom.

ZQRX outcomes are designed to be enjoyed by future generations and reflect the circumstances, natural capital and resources available to each individual grower.  

Why regenerative agriculture? 

Regenerative agriculture is about creating a better, kinder, more positive future for the planet. It is not prescriptive and is never “done”.


ZQRX reflects this ethos, defining regenerative agriculture as a mindset of continuous improvement, applied to an agricultural context. 


Our regenerative index and approach to regenerative agriculture focuses on principles and practices that can be applied selectively or collectively to improve key environmental, animal welfare and social indicators. 

We are principle-driven and focus on tools not rules, progress over perfection and regeneration over extraction. We also run a deep research and development programme to ensure strong science and data validate decision making and outcomes.