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Back in the day, wool was wool.

Growers harvested fibre, not knowing who or what it would be for. Brands bought fibre, not knowing who or how it was produced. Customers used fibre, not knowing how the animals were treated, with no consistency in quality.


ZQ was formed to differentiate and innovate. Read more here.


ZQ partners with the best growers and global brands. 


Our partners believe natural beats synthetic any day, and strive to ensure their businesses are managed in a way that puts people, our animals and land first. 


We recognise shared values, genuine passion and integrity in all our partners, and work to connect and align all those in the supply chain – from paddock to products. 


ZQ operates as your business extension, giving greater depth to your brand’s wool story, using expertise specific to your brand - We make you look good! 


Through design 'thinkering' and creative wizardry, we drive new ways of business and brand growth, enhancing your brand and creating loyal wool advocates.


But how do you differentiate wool in a sea of plastic and synthetics? 


ZQ has spent years building a comprehensive library of research, data, imagery, attributes and benefits information that can help consumers understand the magic of using wool in your products. 


Contact us today and see how our wool marketing experts can creatively contribute to your brand story. 


Wool is the world’s most technical fibre.


It can save you from fire, keep you warm and dry, biodegrades easily… But did you know it can help you catch a wave? Or keep your feet from smelling?

We believe there’s no end to what wool can do!


We partner with innovative companies around the globe to combine ideas, technologies and skills, working concepts through Studio ZQ, our foresight centre based in Christchurch, New Zealand, to create new uses and users for ZQ wool.

Got an idea that uses wool? Tell us about it! 

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