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We’d love to have you on board, and we’re here to help you become ZQ certified.


ZQ represents the wool of choice for world-class brands that are serious about producing amazing, natural products.


ZQ Natural Fibre is only available through supply agreement contracts, set up between you as the grower and a ZQ brand partner.


ZQ is an established grower standard, owned and operated by The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd.


All ZQ growers adhere to the requirements set out in the ZQ Grower Standard.



Not all wool is created equal.


Our growers stand for quality. Not only world-class, quality fibre, but the quality of life.


They care about the quality of life for their animals, their land, air and water, and their families.  


They stand for a more natural world.


Do you?


ZQ farms are audited on a regular basis by a third party Certified Accreditation Body (CAB).  One partner is AsureQuality who specialise in a high level of integrity and consistency auditing approximately 15,000 sheep, beef and dairy farms each year in New Zealand and Australia.


Audits help identify any improvements your farm may need to carry out before you can qualify as ZQ material.


Our growers adhere to the ZQ Standard, where the welfare of animals and people take priority. ZQ certification is valid for three years. However, our team of Area Managers are constantly on the road visiting properties, and keen to discuss or assist you with any on-farm challenges. 


Our growers also have access to workshops and field days where collaboration is key.  Our in-house ZQ On Farm team provide another level of expertise when needed.


Without you guys, there is no ZQ wool. 


Not everyone wakes up before dawn, 365 days a year, as caretakers of the land.

As business owners, environmentalists, construction workers, nutritionists, wool advocates, and don’t forget weather forecasters and crystal ball readers…


...AND inspire the next generation to carry on all your good work!


You’re already doing an amazing job, and ZQ certification proves it. 


Drop us a line; we’d love to hear more about you, your farm and your wool. We can then arrange an audit to define a starting point and get you on the way to being a ZQ certified grower.

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