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Brand Partner Profile: Reda, investing in sustainability for a successful future

Over 20 years ago Reda made the conscious decision to use sustainability to guide their business decisions. Since then, sustainability and innovation have driven Reda’s history and success. This has helped them stand out as the first woolen mill to be award several prestigious international certifications.

Earlier this year they published their sustainably report to acknowledge the effort their team puts in every single say as an investment for their future. It offers a transparent account of their activities to ensure that production is not solely a matter of profits but is carried out in a way that fully respects their sustainable approach. Reda takes a three- dimensional approach to sustainability; economic, environmental, and social. They view these and equally essential to create value for themselves and their stakeholders. Reda’s view on sustainability aligns with the indices of ZQRX’s Regenerative Index. The ZQRX programme partners with forward-thinking growers, consumers and brands who crave the luxury and comfort of natural fibres yet seek the next level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

It is only through sustainability that their businesses can succeed in the medium to long term. Reda has applied this approach through their value chain, from raw material to the finished product, with complete traceability of the entire production chain

The beginning of this value chain is Reda’s sourcing of raw material for its fabrics. “A path of sustainable growth means taking on governance and process responsibilities, monitoring current and prospective risks and paying the utmost attention to integrity, safety and protection of people, respect for the environment and traceability of supply chains” Francesco Botto.

Reda first started using ZQ merino in 2009, ZQ ensures economic, social, and environmental sustainability, fibre quality and full traceability of wool’s journey from the farm through to the woollen mill. ZQ accredited wool is available exclusively through NZM and selected supply chain partners. It is sourced through direct supply contracts and is priced to ensure the economic sustainability of growers, supply chain partners and the retail brand.

These long term partnerships with supply chain partners like Reda allow us to invest in projects to focus on areas such as nutrition and feed management, animal health and disease prevention, parasite management, sustainability and biodiversity. This will support growers, providing them with the tools they need to ensure the welfare of their ZQ Merino sheep.

Reda were also early adopters of ZQRX joining in 2021. ZQRX allows Reda to gain a global perspective on the challenges we face in terms of the environment, social responsibility and animal welfare, and how these challenges can be overcome through specific targeted actions. The Reda Group applies ZQRX to its farms in New Zealand, asking them to measure and account for their actions across 15 key performance indicators, thinking beyond the classic concept of sustainability. Growers use a new platform called the Regenerative Index (RX) to help them measure and improve how much they give back as they restore waterways, protect native species, offset carbon, and enhance local communities. This empowers Reda Group to gain a deep understanding of the complex interactions between the environment, animals and communities within which they operate.


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