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Brand Partner Profile: Reda a B Corp & Benefit Company

ZQRX Brand Partner Reda was the first textile manufacturer in Italy and among the first worldwide to receive the B Corporation (B Corp) certification. Reda gained this certification after successfully completing a thorough evaluation and control process that involved assessing all areas of the company. This considered their procedures, initiatives and looked at the five major areas of: governance, employee relations, customer relations, role within the community and environmental sustainability of processes and products. Rewoolution (part of the Reda Group) also received B Corp certification, making them the first certified Italian sportswear brand, further cementing their position as industry leaders.

What is B Corp?

B Corp companies follow a sustainable development scheme, based on the three pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainably. A B Corp company hold a dual objective to go beyond profit by having a positive impact on both the people and environment.

During Reda’s evaluation their wool mill stood out for its ability to generate profit while implementing regenerative practices to support employees and the environment. Reda has numerous processes in place to support their employees such as; corporate welfare, training courses for staff, cutting-edge security training, the ability to work remotely, and support initiatives such as their buddy system.

On the environmental front Reda monitors every single phase of their production process from fleece to fabric. Reda has favored using ZQ to provide them with sustainable, ethical and traceable wool. ZQ is the world’s leading ethical wool brand that provides a better quality of life for the animals, the planet and the people. As of 2021 Reda became a foundational partner of ZQRX, going beyond ZQ to take a big picture view of the global challenges and solving them through accelerating small, collective, regenerative-driven actions.

Environmental practices are not new to Reda, in 2004 the company received the EMAS certification, the eco-management system that guarantees full respect of legal standards and a constant improvement of environmental performance. In 2019 Reda published two EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration), these are protocols designed to certify the nature and quantity of the impacts generated by Reda in the process of bringing their beautiful fabrics to life. In addition to this Reda’s mill is also equipped to produce renewable energy via a photovoltaic system.

After reaching B Corp certification Reda reached another impressive milestone by becoming a Benefit Company further expanding its corporate purpose. As a benefit company Reda is pursuing the common benefit goals and operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, the land, the environment and all stakeholders.

What is a Benefit Corporation?

In 2015 Italy became the first UE country to adopt a specific regime for Benefit Corporations, this law was created to combine economic growth with sustainable development. It was inspired by the Americas Benefit Corporation, and introduced a qualification that can be adopted by any kind of company. In Italy a Benefit Corporation has the purpose to create a material positive impact on society and the environment through responsible operations.

As a benefit company they have now appointed an impact manager, are creating an annual impact report and are also pursing the following common benefit purposes;

  • Adopting a sustainability governance model  

  • Contributing to the development of a responsible, ethical and tracked wool supply chain,  

  • Produce/operate responsibly, through the use of advanced processes and technologies, in order to limit Reda’s impact on the environment, particularly with regard to the use of hazardous chemicals, 

  • Valuing and caring for the people who work in the company,  

  • Support local associations and educational institutions,  

  • Create value for their customers, through the transmission of data related to sustainability and product traceability. 

“It is fundamental that companies increasingly become places where we can share and promote values, visions and projects, beyond profit. Sustainable innovation is the first step towards creating value for society, which is only possible if people are involved and seen as the true protagonists of change.
We are proud that Reda is the first textile company in Italy to adopt the B Corporation model, as yet another expression of its concrete commitment towards people and the environment.”

- Ercole Botto Poala, Successori Reda S.p.A. CEO

For Reda, being a B Corp goes beyond aspiring to be a better company, it means being the kind of company that meets the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and responsibility. Reda sees sustainability as a fundamental part of their business, and it has become their mission. As a founding brand part of ZQRX, Reda has shown their commitment to give more than they take to leave our planet in a better state for future generations.

At The New Zealand Merino Company, we have been proud long-term partners with Reda and are excited to be on the regenerative journey together.

For more information, visit the Reda website, or follow them on Linkedin.


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