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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is about creating a better, kinder, more positive future for the planet. It is not prescriptive and is never “done”.


ZQRX reflects this ethos, defining regenerative agriculture as a mindset of continuous improvement, applied to an agricultural context. 


Our regenerative index and approach to regenerative agriculture focuses on principles and practices that can be applied selectively or collectively to improve key environmental, animal welfare and social indicators. 

We are principle-driven and focus on tools not rules, progress over perfection and regeneration over extraction. We also run a deep research and development programme to ensure strong science and data validate decision making and outcomes. 

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So, what now? 

We all want to do something about climate change, but it can feel a bit hopeless at times. We're firm believers in farming being part of the solution to reducing excess carbon in the atmosphere, working alongside nature and her cycles. 

Through ZQRX, we are committed to championing and accelerating the change that is needed. 

We want natural, renewable products to become the norm and are working to ensure consumers have the choice of woollen products that are produced ethically and regeneratively. We are working closely with our growers and brand partners to support their efforts to continuously strive for better.  

This is a mindset that should be applied to every aspect of our life, not just on farm - It speaks to everybody’s ability to give more than we take across all aspects of how we live, work and play. 

Why we care? 

The world is waking up to the consequences of an extractive way of life – a lifestyle achieved at the cost to our natural environment and human health.


The impacts of climate change are being felt around the world and there is a growing sense of urgency for climate action.


Now, more than ever, we’re reminded of how important it is to build healthy, resilient systems, that are kinder on the planet. Regenerative agriculture is a key part of the solution to tackling climate change. 


Regenerative agriculture. Well, what is it really? 

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that seeks to enhance the natural functions of the land so that the farming system can have a positive impact overall rather than negative impact on our planet.


Regenerative agriculture encourages farming in a way that considers the land, animals and people as a whole, not separate parts, in order to: 

  • Build soil health  

  • Increase biodiversity  

  • Improve water cycling and water quality 

  • Drawdown carbon from the atmosphere  


It's important to remember that regenerative agriculture will look different from farm to farm – It is not prescriptive and there is no one size fits all solution.  


What’s the fuss about carbon? 

The more carbon in our atmosphere, the more heat from the sun gets trapped and our planet begins to warm.


We know this as climate change.


Carbon itself, isn't the bad guy - we need carbon to create life. The issue is in the excess of it. When our ecosystem is in balance, our natural environment absorbs carbon within our oceans, atmosphere, plants, and soil. 


Regenerative agriculture works alongside Nature to store carbon in plants and soil.  

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