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Our Top 5 Picks On How Regenerative Farming Can Help Climate Change

We all want to do something about climate change, but it can feel a bit hopeless at times.

At ZQ, we're working with growers to help them take a different, more natural approach to how their sheep's wool is produced. We're firm believers in farming being part of the solution to reducing excess carbon in the atmosphere, working alongside nature and her cycles.

We've collected our latest favourites from around the web, to add a little extra hope and inspiration to your day...

1. Kiss the Ground

Since lockdown became a thing, the world and their dog are now more familiar with binge watching. Check out the latest regenerative agriculture conversations, as told by Woody Harrelson in this US-based movie, available on Netflix.

2. The Soil Story narrated by Larry Kopald

If climate change has got you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and you've got 3 minutes to spare, this video might just provide a glimmer of hope...

3. Mind Body Green Podcast: Allbird's Joey Zwillinger on how to shop sustainably

Listen to Joey Zwillinger from ZQ brand partner, Allbirds as he provides listeners 3 key ways we can all shop more sustainably in this podcast from MBG.

4. New Zealand Geographic - Regeneration

ZQ growers, Tim and Camilla Rutherford, from The Point station, share their insights and how becoming parents led them on their regenerative journey to a thriving farm. Check out the article here and marvel at the photography taken by Camilla.

5. Social Cohesion of Rural Communities - With Sam Lang

To transition from traditional farming to a more regenerative practice, you need to support of your community. Sam heads a regenerative agriculture community group called Quorum Sense, helping growers progress and learn off each other. The Quorum Sense team have a strong alignment with what ZQ are working towards - so much so, they've moved into our office so we can collaborate and share knowledge and resources.

Check out his article here on the challenges newly regenerative farmers face.


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