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Growing 'fit-for-purpose' wool

Challenging the status quo can be daunting, especially when it means completely changing the way you operate. This has been the case for cross bred wool growers, Graham and Tracy Sinnamon from the Central North Island of New Zealand.

The Sinnamon’s have been managing Meringa Station for the past 11 years.

“It’s a beautiful property to be working on”, with rolling green hills surrounded by lush New Zealand bush. Each year they’d shear, class and sell their wool through traditional methods like the auction market, sending their bales out the gate with no idea what it will be used for, or for whom. This is all changed thanks to their new partnership with ZQ and a Danish footwear company, Glerups.

“We make sure we maintain the farm and keep all the environmental stewardship things up to date”

Growing wool requires a lot of care and attention, and partnering with ZQ was a natural step for the Sinnamon’s. Becoming ZQ certified meant being recognised for all their hard work in caring for their animals and people, being the custodians of the land, producing an incredible fibre year after year. ZQ certification also opened up long term contract possibilities, like an exclusive contract to supply Glerups with their ZQ quality New Zealand wool.

Glerups indoor shoes are 100% pure and natural wool, sold throughout Denmark and shipped to retailers in 20 countries. The shoes, renowned for comfort, warmth, and durability, are popular in European markets with colder climates. The company sells upwards of 150,000 pairs worldwide each year and are growing year on year. With rapid expansion, Glerups have to ensure they get consistently high-quality wool at the right time.

This need for quality ingredients, guaranteed supply, market transparency, and stable conditions is where the partnership between Meringa Station, ZQ Natural Fibre, and Glerups becomes truly valuable for all.

Graham enjoys knowing what he is growing the wool for, giving him the ability to grow a fit-for-purpose product. There is a physical product being created and worn by consumers, and the value reflects their hard work on the farm.

He explains, “To be supplying into this Glerups contract is very rewarding, I’ve never seen the end product or even known where my wool ended up, so it’s really satisfying” and Tracy agrees, suggesting the ZQ forward contract model is much more rewarding, “knowing that this product came from our farm, and we now have this fantastic partnership is awesome.”

Discover your new cosy Glerups here.


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