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The Year That Was - Our top 5 posts from 2020

What a year it's been!

We've been reflecting on the last twelve months and what an epic journey it's been for all of us.

Incase you missed them, these are our most read posts from 2020:

The issue isn't carbon itself, we need carbon for life. The issue is in the excess of it, which we expand on in this popular post.

Our favourite videos, articles and podcasts on how growers can make a difference.

How does wool go from the sheep to the shop? We visually show the process in this popular post.

Discover new places to go, a little bit off the beaten track - stay on a ZQ farm!

And our top post for 2020, no surprises here...

We look at the benefits of using Merino for your facemark and where to find one.

Thanks for being here this year, and for choosing ethical wool.

See you next year for a big announcement!

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