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Why these 10 NZ brands value wool from ZQ sheep

ZQ is a wool certification that stands for a better quality of life, especially for our animals.

ZQ sheep graze on pastures in ‘free range’ extensive farming conditions in the high country hills. Growers supplying ZQ wool are required to provide and care for their livestock, ensuring they are well fed, live natural healthy lives, and are not subjected to practices like mulesing. When sheep are happy and healthy, it also means you’re getting fibre of the very highest quality and performance.

ZQ brand partners know this and value wool produced by healthy sheep and growers with holistic farming practices, like the ZQ programme...

"ZQ Merino sheep live free-range under the Five Freedoms. Free from Disease, Free from hunger and thirst. Free from distress, Free from discomfort, free to live naturally. On top of this charter, ZQ sheep will never be live transported, kept in feed lots or exposed to GMOs. Mulesing is not practiced by any ZQ farmers."

"We partner with ZQ to source the wool and merino that we use in our wool outerwear pieces. ZQ is a certification and partnership programme that supports growers to produce the best possible fibre, grown to our exact specification. When we use ZQ wool, we know we are getting the best possible fibre on the planet, and you know you are getting the best quality garment as a result. Using ZQ wool means a lot to us. Knowing that the wool we use is traceable to the New Zealand farm it was grown on, we can be sure that the sheep that grew it were treated well and kept free of disease, distress, hunger and thirst. It also means that we can visit the farm that grew our wool, and know that it did so sustainably and ethically. It’s also a guarantee that the farm has received a fair price for the fibre, meaning they can invest in their future and continually improve the land they work on for generations to come."

“We are True fans” At True Fleece, we are big supporters of the ZQ Merino growers that supply us our wool. These farmers are leading the world in the way of ethical, sustainable and regenerative practices. We are true believers in what they do, and the benefits of natural fibres.

ZQ wool stands for a better quality of life, for the animals, for our planet, our people, and you." ​

"Our purpose is to use fashion to create a better world. To us, this means giving back more than what we take from Mother Nature. That our supply chain is transparent. That anything we produce has the ability to be recycled or returned to nature. Mother Earth, is at the forefront of every decision."

"We chose ZQ Natural Fibres as they are world leaders in ethical, harm-free wool production, making them ideal for us to partner with. Their farmers are all independently audited to ensure that ethical and sustainable practices are at the heart of the production of high-quality wool fibre."

"All of our Merino is ZQ™ certified, ensuring all Merino in Untouched World garments is grown to rigid animal welfare, environmental, social and economic standards. Most importantly, we have spent years painstakingly developing a closely guarded Merino fibre specification that ensures Untouched World Merino is the best in the world."

"The Southern Alps. Our backyard, and where Merino Sheep are happiest. To live in this extreme environment Merino have evolved a 'miracle' Wool that naturally adapts to blistering heat or freezing cold. We proudly use only premium renewable, biodegradable, sustainable ZQ Merino Wool supplied by our friends at The New Zealand Merino company."

"Icebreaker growers are committed to a strict animal welfare code that even extends to sheep dogs working at the stations. We’re signing up to a 10 year contract and that means our kids have certainty for 10 years".

"Barkers is incredibly proud to introduce our ZQ Merino collection.

ZQ certifies their farmers are meeting the highest standards in the areas of animal welfare, environmental and social sustainability. With animal welfare as the forefront concern, you can trust that your ZQ Merino essentials are made with merino wool sourced from sheep who lead healthy lives, are humanely treated, well-fed, and are regularly monitored to keep safe from disease. "


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