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Why merino is for summer too

The same natural properties that have evolved to keep merino sheep comfortable in all weather extremes can translate into fabrics and garments that impart the same comfort, protection and versatility to you, whether as a fashion item, lifestyle apparel piece or technical outdoor garment.

Not all merino wool is created equal. ZQ Merino is different because it gives you excellent UV protection, it’s super soft, comfy and breathable, making it easy to wear all year round.

Merino is a technically active fibre, able to react to changes in your body temperature and the environment - insulating you in the cold, and managing heat and moisture when you are hot. This is achieved because merino fibre has a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior and hydrophilic (water loving) interior that give it unique moisture management properties, resulting in enhanced wearer comfort and performance.

We call this thermo-regulation. Ultimately buffering you the wearer against environmental changes brought on by the seasons. To top it off, merino fibre, through its complex chemical and physical structure, resists the development of proliferation of odour to a much greater extent than synthetic materials or cotton.

So treat yourself to some light-weight ZQ Merino this summer. Its quality and versatility will ensure you look and feel great when you’re working, playing and relaxing this summer! Check out the range of ZQ brand partners and their clothing here



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