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Taking a progressive approach to farming in Australia

A true love of the farming lifestyle and family history keeps the Richardson-Lynch family grounded at Boorana in the Western District of Victoria, in Australia.

Spanning over 5,500 acres and running 9,000 breeding ewes, Boorana has been in the Richardson-Lynch family for three generations, and is currently run by William & Anita Richardson-Lynch and their three kids, Hunter (12), Spurs (9) and Violet (7).

The business began with William’s grandfather following World War II, who continued to farm the property until age 88.

From 1996, William and his grandfather farmed Boorana together, and William credits his grandad’s progressive thinking, which has influenced his own mindset in farming.

As ZQ growers, it’s important to the Richardson-Lynch family that their farm remains environmentally and ethically sustainable for the long term. There are existing trees that have been in place for hundreds of years that are essential for the Australian landscape and farming operation. Environmental projects such as fencing off creeks and native tree planting are in place, with always more to do in the future.

“We take pride in our animals and the landscape. One of our biggest achievements is breeding sheep that have better wool and don’t require mulesing. It’s great to see the genetic gain we’re making over time”, says William.

Being part of the ZQ grower community helps them to expand their business ideas. The Richardson-Lynch family take on opportunities to grow and diversify their property. In the last few years, they established a wind farm on their property, and hope to expand their farming operation in the near future to 20,000 ewes.

The Richardson-Lynch’s love to see where their wool goes, and enjoy having traceability from their farm gate all the way to the final products they get to wear and use themselves.


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