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Often, we make resolutions at this time of year, so what if this year we give some thought to how we can make our world a better, safer more beautiful place?

Our goals don’t always need to be around eating healthy, moving more and beginning a meditation practice… although these three things are 100% encouraged! But, setting lifestyle goals around natural living is also a great way to begin this year!

There are so many things we can change about ourselves and the choices we make. Faced with a new year and a clean slate is always an inspired time to make a change such as buying locally and swapping out all plastic items in the kitchen and home for glass, beeswax wraps and more sustainable options. Or how about supporting only sustainable brands and learning more about their carbon footprint.

List all the ways you can make a difference just in your own home and environment and then pick one or two, and allow the good choices to grow.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Support local. Going to the farmers markets on a Saturday to get veggies and free range organic eggs as well as growing what you can in the garden… there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own fresh herbs.

Walk instead of drive! A daily dose of nature and grounding is also an essential, as it connects you to the big picture… and reminds us how everything is connected. Time in nature really can inspire you, leaving you wanting to learn from what it can teach us.

When it comes to being a consumer, awareness of where things are made, what they are made from and whether the companies ethos and values match your own can teach you so much. Aiming to stick to natural textiles such as ethical cottons, wool and hemp. When you look at the label notice if there is anything unnatural, if there is... don't buy it! It’s amazing how much is out there made from man-made synthetic fibres. Less demand will mean we can hopefully crowd out and slow down 'fast-fashion' production.

Ultimately, trying to be conscious of the choices we have where possible can help create positive shifts. The more we can create positive change for ourselves the more we can influence those around us too.

To help you get started, check out some of these ZQ Brand Partners who are continually expanding their mission and establishing new goals every year, so to make the best products for you and the environment.


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