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How to layer ZQ Merino for best performance

Layering. We got this, right? Add layers to keep warm, take them off to cool down…

But did you know layering ZQ Merino wool helps support your body’s natural heating and cooling system?

It’s the Goldilocks of fibres! So, you’re not too hot, not too cold… and not too sweaty (this one is key).

Here’s how to layer Merino for performing at your best:


Your base layer is next to your skin and forms the most intimate relationship with your skin. It’s usually a light weight knit garment and has the job of keeping your skin warm and dry without becoming uncomfortably wet. It’s the first line of defence against moisture vapour and perspiration on your skin. Because Merino wool is as fine as (and in many cases finer than) cashmere, it feels soft and comfortable next to your skin. Or as some would say, heavenly.


Your mid-layer provides thermal protection for when you’re challenged with cooler conditions. The mid-layer is slightly bulkier than the base layer and this extra volume works by trapping air within its structure to keep you warm. Trapped air is nature’s perfect thermal insulation! Just ask a Polar Bear – each strand of fur is clear with a hollow core that traps insulating air. Nature is so smart.


This is the insulation layer that provides extra loft and warmth for cold and windy conditions. It has a significantly higher warmth to weight ratio than the mid-layer and is the layer you break out in extreme cold conditions. Quite often the outer layer will also have a windproof and waterproof shell to keep you dry and protected from the effects of wind chill. Feeling snug as a bug.


By using Merino for your layers, you’re maximising the natural temperature regulation (not too hot, not too cold) and breathable (not too sweaty) attributes of the wool – instead of reducing them by mixing in non-Merino layers.

Layering ZQ Merino supports your body’s comfort, performance, health and wellbeing.


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