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Do You Have A Regenerative Mindset?

Regenerative farming is a hot topic right now, and we’re excited to be part of the conversation.

Being regenerative can see growers reduce their dependency on outside inputs and instead concentrate on the soil, plants and animals working in unison - just as nature intended.

It’s about working with nature and her natural cycles.

But it’s no good focusing in on one area, such as water quality, and expecting the whole farm to be thriving. Each separate part is interconnected – soil, water, plants, insects, animals… the list goes on.

What we do in one area affects other areas. Regenerative practice is about treating the environment (and all that’s in it) as a whole.

This can require a mindset shift – A way of thinking that sees our growers continuing to improve on yesterday, starting from where they are today.

- We celebrate progress, not perfection.

- We progress by using tools and data, rather than set rules.

- We aim to build a better connection with the land, our people and animals, rather than seeing ourselves as separate from them.

“Focus on getting the process right and the outcome will take care of itself”

There’s no one-size-fits-all. The ZQ program understands that we’re all different, and every grower’s property is different. Data and results speak louder than audits, and show how growers improve, year after year.

ZQ has evolved, it’s time to take farming to the next level…

ZQRX takes an individualised approach to farming, rewarding growers for their strengths and aspirational goals.

ZQRX is about:

- Striving for better

- Taking a bespoke approach on farm

- Being on a continuous journey of improvement

It’s not about:

- Ticking Boxes

- One-size-fits-all

- A quick fix

For us, we're starting with the best of the best of ZQ, and ZQRX allow us to capture all the work on farm that goes above and beyond.

ZQRX helps growers set aspirational goals for their individual property, and measures their continuous improvement.

Growers and brands who share the ZQRX mindset are forming partnerships that lead the way to a more regenerative way of life.

We have many ZQ Brand Partners who support the ZQ and ZQRX vision and ambition to improve the health of the planet, inside and out!



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