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7 Brands with Big Sustainability Plans

At ZQ, we have a rule - only work with brand partners who walk their talk.

No greenwashing. No phonies allowed.

Part of being a ZQ brand or supply chain partner is about sharing similar values with us in the way wool is produced. They care about their animals, the land and the people behind it.

It's not a story, it's just a way of life. A mindset.

These values are carried out through all aspects of their businesses. From reducing plastic packaging and championing gender equality, to changing to energy-saving lightbulbs or biking to work - you name it.

We partner with those who make good s*^t happen!

Measure, Reduce, Offset. Allbirds have a plan to eliminate their products’ carbon footprint, and it’s already in action. First, they measure the emissions of everything from their raw materials to their end of life. Next, they reduce their impact by incorporating things like natural and recycled materials. And finally, they offset the little bit that’s left with carbon offsets, making Allbirds a completely carbon neutral business. But Allbirds have an even bigger goal—to emit no carbon in the first place. They believe they can create a sustainable future, but only if we hold each other accountable.

A simple message for us all: ‘Move to natural’. Why wear petrol-based plastic against your skin!? They believe there’s a better way and that nature has the answers. Like us, icebreaker are committed to constantly improving and building upon their ethical and sustainable practices. Each year, they provide a full transparency report, so you can see into everything that they do. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Aclima is concerned with preserving the environment for future generations. Constantly working to improve (I think we’re seeing a theme here?! ZQ has a type…), and still allowing for durability and quality to permeate everything they do. The entire development process for their products is certified and non-toxic and they continue this principal beyond the Aclima clothing line, right down to simple everyday things, like recycling, using public transport when possible, reducing the use of paper in the office and buying organic food and fair trade coffee/tea. Aclima continue to work further with shared responsibility for the environment and humans.

Reda’s mission and values as one of the leading brands in the textile industry is to promote change through sustainable innovation, environmental awareness and social progress. They want to ensure a stable and secure future for the next generation. A focus on sustainability is at the core of all Reda processes and these efforts are highlighted through the company’s appreciation for people and respect for the environment. Reda’s efforts to preserve the culture of wool and its manufacturing techniques come from a love for the land and a deep respect for its resources.

Since Smartwool started, they have been working to improve their products and lessen their impact on the environment. From CO2 emissions, energy used, educating others on the best ways to conserve water when washing… Smartwool want to be actively involved in helping the industry create better, less impactful apparel from Merino wool. Did you know they were the first company to complete a wool life cycle assessment? This offered full product transparency and insight into the environmental impact of natural fibre garments, from inception to end-of-life and beyond.

Barkers are committed to minimising their environmental impact through continuous improvement in their supply chain and business operations. Truly wanting to leave this world in a better place, they venture far and wide to source products and textiles in the most responsible, ethical and environmentally conscious ways as possible. A key part of Barkers’ success story is their working relationships with both suppliers and partners who share the same values for worker welfare and the environment as they do. They’re also known for working with the cleanest denim suppliers in the globe.

Well known for their commitment to changing the way clothes are made, Eileen Fisher always start with responsible materials chosen for this reason. They recognize that fashion companies have the power (and the responsibility) to create positive change. In 2015, Eileen Fisher made a commitment to using sustainable materials in 100% of their products by 2020 and have published a full transparency report for what they have achieved to date. Now Eileen Fisher have established their goal and mission for 2030 - Building on the sustainable progress they’ve already made and knowing where they’ve come up short. Now they want to go further, faster! Limiting harm and leaving the places they touch better than they found them.

In making mindful purchases, and actively supporting brands who are working to make the world better, YOU are making a difference.

Thank you! (for choosing ZQ ethical wool)


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