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9 ways our team reduce, reuse and recycle

"It's just one straw" - said 8 billion people...

If we all make one small change for the better, we move towards a more natural, sustainable world.

For us, it's about progress, rather than perfection.

With Plastic-Free July well under way, we asked some of the team at ZQ to share what small steps they're making to reduce their use of plastic.

What changes have the team made to progress towards making a better world?

Here's our round up:

  • Reduce plastic and synthetic fibres like polyester, acrylic or nylon, by choosing clothing and home furnishings made from natural fibres - like wool! Check out some brands who are using renewable and sustainable fibres here.

  • Reduce VOC gases in the home (volatile organic compounds) by creating a forest of house plants - bonus points if you have a worm farm...

  • Recycle old wool blankets found in op-shops and charity stores, to create a new dog bed for your beloved pooch!

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by carpooling, biking or walking to work.

  • Reduce takeaway packaging and plastic cups by choosing to dine in at restaurants, support local and using your reusable coffee cup. Some cafe's even offer a discount if you bring your own take-away cup!

  • Recycle used coffee grounds from the staff coffee machine as a nitrogen-rich organic fertiliser for the garden

What's one small change you can create in your life?


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